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I specialize in helping academics — at all levels — do their best work through Academic Coaching, Writing Coaching, Dissertation Support, and Editing Services.

I got started as a writing coach while completing my master’s degree in 2011. I worked one-on-one to support international graduate students—across diverse areas of education—to develop their skills and strategies around writing. And I realized… I loved it! I’ve continued to work as a Coach and Editor ever since, as well as an English Professor and Teacher Educator.

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Kristina is a very professional writing coach. I emailed her to assist in my job promotion application. Initially, she asked me for all the application details because she needs to know that my application is on the right track. We communicated several times through email back and forth on the specifics. We also had a great one on one online meeting to go through my writing and presentation. I never felt stressed and she is SUPER patient. You do not have to worry, she is an incredibly careful person, because she not only checked my content, but she also checked for different formats. I highly recommend anyone looking for someone to review their paper, they should go and sign up for her services. The price is reasonable, and the application came out GREAT!

Helen, Assistant Professor

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