Support for Dissertation Writers

Writing a dissertation or thesis — or even the proposal for your research — can be a daunting process. I’m here to help ensure that your writing and formatting are as strong as possible so that your content and ideas can shine. I can help you with:

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I had Dr. Lewis to support with copy editing and content revisions. Dr. Lewis’s attention to details when reviewing my dissertation draft saved me countless hours of work as I was able to focus on the meat and substance of my work without going down rabbit holes that pertained to the technicalities of APA requirements. Her feedback is both succinct and extremely accessible in making the necessary revisions to fall within the parameters of what APA requires. Kristina comes with the highest recommendation as I was able to make my deadlines because of her supports.

-Nima Rouhanifard, Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania


Dissertation writers may benefit from coaching services. In a coaching session, we meet one-on-one via video-conference to talk about your writing and research processes. We might focus on nuts and bolts of piece of writing or your larger writing or research process — whatever you need. If you’d like to talk through your process, goals, and strategies, read about scheduling an Academic Coaching session. If you’d like me to review some of your writing before we meet so that we can focus our meeting on a specific text, read about scheduling a Writing Coaching session.

I highly recommend Kristina as a writing coach. I was overwhelmed with figuring out the formatting process for my dissertation, but Kristina made the process simple. Our sessions were very productive for me, both in terms of making progress on my dissertation but also in learning how to do the skills in the future. Kristina is a great coach: knowledgeable, clear, and patient!

-Anonymous Doctoral Student


I offer copy-editing and proofreading for dissertations/theses and proposals. As an editor, I focus on improving your writing so that your ideas can shine through. I check spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and word choice, and I will make suggestions for clarity and concision. I can check whether your writing adheres to a certain style (APA is my expertise, but I’m willing to work with other styles).

I can edit on your dissertation all at once or chapter by chapter — your choice!

If you want me to, I can check the formatting of your tables, figures, and equations based on the formatting style you’re using (e.g., APA).

For editing services, I charge $150 USD per hour (for 7+ day turnaround), but I read and edit quickly. For a higher fee, I may be able to return a document in less than 7 days – email me to ask about my availability for your specific project.

I am happy to provide a quote for editing services — just email me your document, desired turn-around time, and a brief description of your goals for editing. For documents longer than 2500 words, I can also provide sample edits on a small portion of the document.

For dissertation editing, I may charge an initial deposit, then send an invoice for the remainder when I finish the job.

I’m very thankful for Kristina’s help!! She really pays close attention to details, and her comments are very inspiring! I feel I benefit from not only her direct edits but also her questions that push me to further develop my ideas! 


Dissertation Formatting

Many universities require dissertations to be formatted according to a specific template. I can format the final drafts of your chapters into the university-specific template. I will check the margins, format the front material (title page, acknowledgements, abstract, etc.), and create the table of contents.

For formatting services, I charge based on the same hourly rate as editing services ($150 USD/hour for 7+ day turnaround), and I may ask for an initial deposit. You are responsible for sending me university-specific template and any guidelines along with the final drafts of all your materials. Sometimes formatting requires multiple rounds to meet the university’s specific requirements — I will work with you until your dissertation is accepted.

Reference Formatting

You’ve reached the end of your dissertation/thesis and are so ready to call it done — but you still have to format your references. Let me help! I offer two services:

  • I can format your references according to APA style. (You can decide whether you want me to research missing information or just flag it for you to fix.)
  • I can check to ensure that your in-text citations match your reference list.

For reference formatting services, I charge based on the same hourly rate as editing services ($150 USD/hour for 7+ day turnaround), and I may ask for an initial deposit.

Kristina was a life saver for me when I was in the final agonizing throes of formatting my PhD dissertation. She helped tremendously by getting my chaotic, 12-page bibliography into tip-top shape. I would recommend Kristina to any academic in need of editing support.

– Martha

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