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I specialize in helping academic writers convey their ideas clearly. I help you express yourself more effectively.

Kristina was absolutely wonderful to work with! She helped me with my personal statement for law school application. She was quick to respond and very supportive. I was blown away by her thoroughness and attention to detail. She edited my personal statement on a sentence level, picking on each word and punctuation while preserving my own narrative arch. After her edit, I wouldn’t be happier and more confident with my essay. In the end, I was admitted to my dream school—Penn Carey Law—with an LSAT below their median, and I believed my personal statement was instrumental to my success. Overall, I can’t recommend Kristina’s service enough!


What do Editing Services look like?

I think of my role as supporting you to do your best work as a writer, whatever your goals are! I’ve worked with students and professional academics on a variety of document types, including application materials, tenure and promotion dossiers, and journal manuscripts.

Because I hold degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Educational Linguistics and am an experienced English for Academic Purposes teacher, I often work with multilingual writers who may be writing in English as an additional language. In my comments, I provide suggestions to help you express your own ideas as clearly — and professionally — as possible.

I treat all documents confidentially.

Note: I do not provide editing services for students’ course papers or exam materials. Instead, consider working with me for Writing Coaching.

“Kristina’s edits are really great. She helped me edit my personal statement twice. For the first time, the language and logical errors had been fully pointed out. … I am very touched that the two revisions are full of suggestions.

In addition to that Kristina was really nice and responsible, the quality of the modification was extremely fantastic. I especially remember that I used the adjectives ‘extreme’ and ‘primitive’ at the beginning of the essay. She immediately helped me point out that if starting with such words in the context will give others the feeling that I am ‘judging’ others. … After all, as an English learner, my understanding of the connotation of some words may sometimes be inaccurate. I also like Kristina’s way of editing. In many comments, she not only made suggestions for amendments but also put forward a lot of questions to help me further proactively think about the content of the essay. Making me think about these issues is more important than simply catering to me.”


What kinds of editing do I offer?

I can provide different levels of editing service. I can even help you check your references and format your document according to a specific publication style. (My expertise is in APA style, but I can review other publication style requirements upon request.)

Levels of editing I can provide:

  • Developmental Editing – section-/document-level; attention to argument, organization, ideas, “big picture”
  • Language Editing – sentence-/paragraph-level; attention to grammar & technical aspects of language (e.g., spelling, punctuation), word meanings, transitions, clarity, flow
  • Reference Formatting – checking and formatting references according to a particular style guide (if information is missing, I can either look it up or flag it for you to fix)
  • Document Formatting – formatting a document according to a style guide (e.g., for a journal or university)

Most often, I provide a combination of editing services to fit your goals and needs. Before I start working on your document, I may ask you questions about your goals and requirements. When I make suggestions, I often provide comments explaining how different choices might impact your specific readers in different ways.

I’m always happy to answer questions about my suggestions or comments. In addition, sometimes I work on a document multiple times with a writer, particularly if you revise sections based on my suggestions. I can also set up a video consultation call to discuss my suggestions.

“Kristina helped me edit my application essay. She not only pointed out basic errors but also made me think about ways to make my essay more cohesive. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an academic editing service.”

-Olivia Cheng

How much does it cost?

For editing services, I charge $150 USD per hour (for 7+ day turnaround), but I read and edit quickly. For a higher fee, I may be able to return a document in less than 7 days – email me to ask about my availability for your specific project.

I am happy to provide a quote for editing services — just email me your document, desired turn-around time, and a brief description of your goals for editing. For documents longer than 2500 words, I can also provide sample edits on a small portion of the document.

NOTE: For larger projects (such as dissertation edits), I may ask for an initial deposit before starting work.

“Kristina is extremely helpful regarding the framework and thought behind my writing. Her editing process is more than instructions, what she offered is a reflection process for writers to look at their writing with a more professional perspective. She respects writers’ voices and keeps the authenticity of the writing while making powerful changes. She’s one of the best editors that sparkle critical thinking and mindful reflection :)” 


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