Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching

I specialize in helping academic writers convey their ideas clearly. I help you express yourself more effectively.

What does Writing Coaching look like?

I think of my role as supporting you to do your best work as a writer, whatever your goals are! I’ve had great sessions with writers who are just starting to work on a project, writers who are feeling stuck about where to go next, and writers who want to develop strategies for revising, editing, or proofreading.

Because I hold a degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Educational Linguistics and am an experienced English for Academic Purposes teacher, I often work with multilingual writers who may be writing in English as an additional language. In this case, we might also spend time working on language issues, such as sentence structure, grammar, or word choice. My goal is not to “fix” things for you, but to help you identify areas to work on, understand more about the underlying language structures, and develop strategies that you can use on this and future projects.

“One-on-one sessions with Kristina helped me to revise the structure of my introduction for the two articles of mine. Specifically, we worked on improving the flow of ideas and coherence in the Introduction sections. She always read my works attentively and was ready to discuss and analyze the writing obstacles that I was facing. The advice I got from Kristina was simple yet effective. Working with Kristina helped me to learn how to plan the writing process before you starting to write. Overall, coaching sessions with Kristina helped me to achieve my writing goals.”

Saule A., ELTE University, Budapest

What do we do?

Before a session, you’ll send me a document to review and tell me what you want me to focus on as I read it. (Maybe you want me to pay attention to how one section fits with the rest of the argument or perhaps you’d like me to identify potential patterns of language use that we can discuss.) If you want to talk about your writing process more generally and don’t want me to read something in advance, schedule an Academic Coaching session.

We meet one-on-one—for 25 or 50 minutes via video-conference—to talk about your writing. That means we spend time strategizing about your project at any stage: brainstorming ideas, outlining, drafting, editing, interpreting and responding to feedback, and so forth. We’ll probably look at your document together (e.g., on a shared screen or a collaborative document).

After a session, I’ll send you a follow-up email, along with any resources we’ve talked about.

“I asked Kristina to help me with language issues I encounter as a non-native speaker. Kristina’s session was extremely helpful. She pointed out the problematic patterns that had been very hard to spot on my own, and suggested helpful ways to address them. She also provided relevant advice on editing and proofreading. Kristina is very easy and comfortable to communicate with. I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who would like to improve their writing skills!”

Alex, PhD candidate

Ready to get started?

ServiceDocument Length (for prior review)Coaching Session LengthCostBooking Link
Short Writing Coaching SessionUp to 1000 words25 minutes$115 USDBook here.
Long Writing Coaching SessionUp to 2500 words50 minutes$225 USDBook here.

If you would like me to review a longer document, email me about setting up a special package (editing rates apply: $150 USD/hour).

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